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Aside from reading Harry Potter, I've been catching up on the manga I'm following, like One Piece (very exciting right now!) and Attack on Titan.

read OP chapter by chapter; they're too short, and the arcs are too sprawling. I'm just going to say that I really, really love Law, and that I'm expecting some pretty huge reveals during this part of the story!

With Attack on Titan, on the other hand, it feels as though this particular arc is beginning to draw to a close. The last chapter tied together a bunch of threads that had been going for a while, so maybe soon we'll be able to find out what's in that damn cellar! Only, as things are going I wonder if they aren't going to learn everything by themselves before that, heh.

I'm just so incredibly pleased with the direction the manga is going. I was half afraid that it was going to go with the "grimness for grimness's sake" that's so popular these days, and which I've personally always found it a little cheap. It's easy to create an impression of instant pathos by killing off a beloved character or have a bunch of defenceless ordinary people suffer and die, but I think hard-won triumph can be much more moving.

Of course, as with all things, nearly everything hinges on execution.

But this is one of the reasons why I love One Piece so much; it makes me cry of for being moved by positive emotion. But I also think that's much, much harder to pull off. Not only because because audiences tend to (in my opinion incorrectly) associate deaths with an author being daring and original, but also because many people dismiss characters that aren't obviously tragic. That is, characters that may have horrible pasts and difficult lives, but don't define themselves by those. Characters who don't dwell on their own personal tragedies are often dismissed as shallow and uninteresting, lacking depth and emotion.

It's not that I'd call a character like Luffy "deep", exactly, but he is still interesting to me, for various reasons. But if you take Eren from AoT, we have a character with a very interesting life, and reactions to what he experiences. He kills two men at the tender age of nine, and he plans it too; he understands enough at ten to call the human race "cattle" for how they live; he has the insight to call the theory that humanity would be united by a common enemy "naive"; and mixed with this he indomitable strength of will, rage, and courage. And still people call him an "everyman" character!

This tends to happen to Harry Potter too, especially in fanfic. Very often his characterisation is supplanted wholesale by some sort of generic stock characterisation. The writer doesn't want to write about Harry, they want to write about a character that fits their scenario.

Ah, I don't mean to sound bitter, but being a H/D fan with Harry as your favourite can be a little frustrating sometimes!

This is one of my favourite character types: good people with some darkness to them. It's surprisingly common I think, especially in manga, and I hate to see them dismissed.

Heh, I think I need some AoT and OP icons!


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