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I finally had an opportunity to see Cirkeln (The Circle), and I'm still not over how brilliant it was! As you might know, I tend to post when I'm still high on the experience, but I waited a couple of days this time, and yes, still perfect.

Most of all, I loved the actors. Anna-Karin's especially was fantastic (her walk of triumph with that little smirk made me just go shishishishi with nearly silent delighted laughter), but they were all pretty much how I'd imagined them. They also conveyed just who they were through such simple but telling signs, and I don't think I'm saying that just because I've read the books and already know them.

I have to praise whoever chose the settings too, I swear, the scenes in the school nearly gave me real anxiety with how authentic it felt, though my school wasn't quite so run down. The toilets gave me Silent Hill vibes instead, haha.

I was just so thrilled with how real everything seemed unartificial, how I completely believed in the characters and setting. The trying to be correct and caring but still so distant Adriana Lopez was such a believable teacher/headmaster while you could still feel the tension and restraint underneath when you already know what you're looking at.

Oh, and talking about already knowing, the UST between Linnea and Vanessa is tangible, especially in the new years party scene. I could hardly breathe! I really, really hope they can make the other two films. And not only for Linnea and Vanessa of course; "Positiva Engelsfors" onscreen would be a treat.

I have a couple of points of criticism, though;

  • The deaths were too vague (though I suppose it's so as to not scare the younger viewers)

  • A couple of the actors looked a little too old

  • I had trouble recognising Gustaf

  • I'm fairly sure Linnéa wouldn't have a flyer with Golden Bomber on her wall... but OTOH, she does have a sense of humour so I may be wrong!

But they're rather minor. Especially the one about Gustaf as I'm bad with faces and he doesn't have a big role in the fist book anyway.

The music was really good, but it was written by Benny Andersson, so I more or less expected it. I love the main theme, so desolate and mysterious. Sounds like Bergslagen all right! The choices of already existing songs were also good, though most not really my thing (but I'm mainly into Japanese progressive metal, so it wasn't unexpected, heh).

Lastly, the film made me actually ship Anna-Karin/Ida a bit. Never would have imagined, but they have chemistry. Though Helena Engström (who plays Anna-Karin) has a fantastic presence and could probably have chemistry with anyone.

Random thought after exiting the cinema: in online sub/dub wars, it's very likely you'll find Swedes arguing vehemently for the sub side. We love our subtitles. So much in fact, that we now subtitle our own films in our own language, and I have just watched a film in Swedish with Swedish subtitles. But hey, that way you know you won't miss any part of the dialogue!
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