Sep. 28th, 2014

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Finally starting to feel like myself again, this week was not fun. I hate being sick, and at this point I'm terribly bored. But not with Harry! I've reached some sort of reignition of fannishness, and I'm really into it now. It's amazing how Rowling managed to write something that captured the imagination of so many, and kept it; the fandom is still, I've noticed, going fairly strong. And many of us were adults when we started to read them! I was twenty-one, I think, and the fourth book had just come out. And here I am, nearly fifteen years later (shit, really?) reading it again.

Chapter Nine - the Woes of Mrs Weasley )

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I'm really excited about this chapter, because it's one of the points in the series where Harry's world opens up; not in the way it did when he came to the wizarding world, but it still has a lot of impact: he makes friends outside his Hogwarts House. Well, she's still an acquaintance at this point, but she's introduced here, and one of the things she represents is the widening of Harry's world.

It's a theme of this book, I think; not only breaking down, but opening up.

Chapter Ten - Luna Lovegood )

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