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Been sick with a cold the past week and started rereading the Harry Potter books on a whim (I like rereading books when I'm ill). It's been long enough that many things have become decidedly vague in my recollections, so it's been fun to relive it.

In no particular order, some impressions from the first four. )

Onwards to Order of the Phoenix!
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I'm seriously loving this season so far, it's so gloriously, gloriously tense! And while I'm not entirely sure I should be feeling the way I do about the state Will Graham is in, I freely admit that I'm enjoying it immensely.

Now this episode which was apparently called Sakizuke and is the appetizer of the upcoming feast. I'm so ready! Or at least excited. I don't actually think I'm prepared for what's to come.

The eye of the beholder )

I can't imagine how they will end this season.
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So I heard that True Detective had numerous and important references to Chambers's The King in Yellow, so naturally I had to watch it. The Lovecraftian connection, no matter how tenuous, is apparently my main weakness when it comes to new canons catching my interest.

But I definitely don't regret it! It's amazing in so many ways, from the American Gothic ambience and the flawed and complicated main characters to the compelling mystery and the way it's told. Unfortunately it's also terrible with the main female characters (though I think it it does a good job with the bit characters, especially the prostitutes) and sex in general. Not enough to stop me from watching, but it's definitely a disappointing flaw in an otherwise great show.

And then there's the HBO sex which is just silly, but I'll get to that later.

And I thought I hated Mattew McConaughey )

Unnatural sex )

The women )

Awesome male characters )

But yeah, despite the flaws I love the show. The good parts are simply good enough that I bear with the unbalanced portrayal of women. And it might get better! Aside from Maggie and Marty's lover (I've been watching without subs and didn't catch her name) the women have been portrayed really well, it's just that the lack of them in other roles than victims of some sort is creating an impression that I don't like. The plot itself, and the slow but well-paced unfolding of its mysteries is brilliant. I'm completely glued to the screen when I watch, I can't even look away.
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Yeah, so the first thing I do after not posting for half a year is change my user name. Er, I just didn't like having it be two names, you know? It sort of annoyed me. So I changed. Well, that's that, and oh, I also deleted my tumblr. Anyone linked to me there, sorry! It was done in a fit of "let's clean things that I don't use out", and trying to bring order in my online life.

Been doing some cleaning out at home too, actually, cleaning out books I no longer want and giving them away. And some old clothes. I only have about ten boxes left to go through! Urgh...

Going back to watch some Slayers, I think, that was quite enough work for today. Or maybe I just need coffee.
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Actually, I've just bought a new motherboard and processor and for the first time assembled them myself, and it was a little nerve-racking, to be honest! But I seem to have done it correctly, everything works fine now. I just have to go through the work of installing everything I need, and to sort my files which are in a disarray after having been moved around so much because of the hard drives dying on me this past year.

I've been passively reading about Hannibal meanwhile, interviews and some fannish meta, and want to do some myself, but my mind is as much in a disarray as my files at the moment, heh.

As I was interested in Bryan Fuller's other work, I started watching Pushing Daisies, and while I really like the style and the fact that it's really well put together, I'm not really interested in the Piemaker/Chuck romance. Maybe because they are a little too perfect? The aesthetics are interesting, though; people have compared it to Burton, and yeah, it's got that fairy-taleish unreal style with a bit of the morbid to it. I like it! It's Burton-ish in a mirror, sort of.

Also, it's funny to see some of the same actors in Hannibal. Dr. Chilton and that lady at the opera have turned up in very different roles, and I hear Fuller wants to cast Lee Pace as Mason Verger. It's hard to imagine!

Really liking the humour, too, and I think it shows in the writing for Hannibal that it's the same creator. Morbid and matter of fact. It's also interesting to see how in Pushing Daisies there's that same ambiguity of the characters, that blurry line between "good" and "bad", even though it's partly masked by the comedy aspect.


Jun. 11th, 2013 02:28 am
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So, like the rest of the internet, I've started watching NBC's Hannibal. It's brilliant, no regrets! I'm a little bit worried about how long the hiatus will be, but on the other hand I also watch BBC's Sherlock, so.

I don't know what I expected when I started watching, but whatever my expectations were, the show exceeded them. By a large margin! Once I'd seen the sixth and seventh episodes, I was completely in love, heh.

For many reasons Hannibal actually reminds me of the Silent Hill games; the same psychological horror, the same distortion of reality, except that in Hannibal the distortion in completely in Will Graham's mind. It's not at all a supernatural show, despite being horror.
Apparently I can ramble on about this endlessly, so I'm cutting for length. It's just my general impressions though, no spoilers except of the casting kind. )
So if you like horror, suspense, a charged relationship between the two leads and don't mind gore or a bit of dark humour, go watch right now!
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I've been watching the discussion these past days, and I'd like to offer a different perspective; I propose that:

You only read further if you've seen the film. Major spoilers ahead! )
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I have seen Star Trek Into Darkness. Actually, I saw it two days ago, but I'm dong things My Pace, My Pace! As they say in Japan. XD Though admittedly not about things like posting entries. Eh, whatever.

Anyway, it was fantastic and brilliant and awesome, and I loved everybody in it! I was surprised and awed several times, and I will go and see it again as soon as I can, several times if possible!

So yeah, spoilers. You really don't want to read this if you haven't seen the film yet. )
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I've been in a bad mood for weeks, so I've stayed away from unanon fandom and haven't even reblogged much on tumblr, which is as undemanding as it gets. Not that I've been angry, just not really in the mood for anything.

I must say, though, that Cloud Atlas cheered me up immensely! Seriously, it's probably going to be one of my favourite films of all time. I was so incredibly moved, I can't even describe it. And I'm going to see it again while it's still in cinemas (it premiered here just about a month ago).

Looking at my latest entries, one would think I do nothing but watch films, haha. And the next one is probably going to be Mördaren ljuger inte ensam (The killer is not alone in telling lies, I think it would be in English), which is a good, solid fifties murder mystery based on the book by Maria Lang, which in turn is apparently heavily inspired by the Lord Peter Wimsey books.

I just love mysteries. It's why I love Sherlock Holmes (though not the only reason), the Agatha Christie books and adaptations, the Sjöwall/Wahlöö books... And also why I started watching The Mentalist, which I've seriously come to love; it's pretty much Sherlock Holmes in California, solving murders in the classic Christie style. It's just the thing when I'm feeling down and listless!

I'm trying to collect my thoughts enough to write some meta or fic, but no luck as of yet.
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My computer broke down. Wouldn't boot, and bluescreens galore when it did, and I was starting to despair. I've finally managed to fix it though! ...I hope. Also bought a new (quiet) videocard, and while I don't know if that was the problem, the silence is very welcome indeed.

In the meantime, I've been to the cinema! Saw Django Unchained, and it was pretty awesome, yeah. The violence was kind of hard to take, but that just made it better, in a way. It's often unrealistic (at least the shooting parts) but the realism in how the rest of it worked, how it showed how dehumanised the slaves were, created quite an impact. It was beautiful and horrible, funny and awful.

I loved it. I loved the story, the actors, the direction, the scenography...

Spoilers of an iconic modern western, I suppose? )

As per usual I don't make much sense, maybe because I always update when I'm bone tired. Well. Maybe I should go to bed. I totally recommend everyone who haven's seen Django Unchained yet to go do so, in any case.
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So the holidays are finally over, and I have time for fandom again! Well, not that I could stay away completely, but it's mostly been constrained to checking the meme and Fandom Secrets.

Not that I can complain, though, since I've been able to drag friends to the cinema to see Skyfall a couple of times, in between working and celebrating (and managing to forget how affected I am by champagne).

I've also read A Memory of Light, and I loved it. I mean, not that it didn't have its problems (though Sanderson has improved the female characters a lot), but I actually thought it was really good. Including the ending. Also, despite hearing that Sanderson is supposed to be homophobic (I haven't read anything else by him, so I wouldn't know), he managed to do better than most fantasy writers by having an offhand mentioned about two different (sympathetic, respected, and in trusted positions) male characters preferring men.

Considering that Jordan only managed the slightly iffy "pillow friends" (which to me left the impression that it was more an effect of lack of men than actually falling in love with another woman) with the female Aes Sedai, I was pleased. Sure, it's only a minor thing, but a clear improvement from the fantasy worlds where homo- and bisexuality seems completely non-existent.

Spoilers for A Memory of Light )

Well, it's nice when an ending really works.

I've also watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, which was awesome (and not just because a same-sex AU canon Holmes/Watson pairing), and a bunch of old Bond films (which I've all seen before, but it was a long time ago, so I've forgotten much of what happens in them), which has been... an experience. Thinking about trying my hand at a Craig era Bond/Q ship manifesto, but... it's just so much work. *is lazy*
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Just came back from watching The Hobbit! We made it there and back again despite the constant snowing. XD (There was actually a blackout in the projector room in the middle of the film, but they had it up and running within about ten minutes, and gave everybody a free ticket because of it!)

It. Was. Brilliant. Everyone was perfect. Martin Freeman was Amazing in every scene, and I can't imagine anyone who could have fit the role better.

Should I really be doing these reviews right after coming back from the cinema? I feel I'm not being entirely objective here... )

Sorry, can't be more coherent right now. I loved it, and thought it was perfect, that's pretty much it right now.
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There's a really great friending meme going on here at [personal profile] kouredios's dw for people who want to keep on doing text based fandom! I've met some really nice and interesting new people there (welcome to my journal!) and looking forward to finding more.

And while I'm updating, here are two Skyfall Bond/Q recs: )
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Finally it's here!

Trailers and thoughts under cut. )

Apparently a nine minute extra long trailer will be released on the 14th (in IMAX format!) and I can't wait to see that as well!
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I've had a very relaxing day today, and decided it's the perfect day to start watching American Horror Story: Asylum. I think I'm going to make some tea and have a mini-marathon!

The snow and strong wind today was a stark contrast to the crisp, clear skies of yesterday, but that's how it is in Sweden. I hope it stays below zero, though. There's nothing more depressing than wet winters. Ugh.

A couple of snapshots of the weather today and yesterday )

At least there's no blackouts like two days ago (yet).


Nov. 17th, 2012 11:50 pm
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Just came home from watching Skyfall, and wow, that. was. AMAZING.

Spoilers for Skyfall )

Maybe a bit of a jumble, but I thought I'd get it out while I had it fresh in my mind.
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I finally watched episode six last night, and that's not a good sign. I'm losing interest.

It's not that everything about S8 is bad - it isn't - but Sam's characterisation is such a mess that it seriously affects my enjoyment of everything else.

Spoilers up to 8x06 )

It's not that the show has always been, you know, brilliantly plotted and acted, or even consistently written, but it's been a series that I like, and that I think has been a lot of fun. And yes, often good, too! It's annoying when things go bad enough that I'm not sure I even want to keep watching.
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I've been thinking about the themes of Star Trek XI, and why it means the sequel won't be (or shouldn't be, at least) about Khan.

The themes are easy to see, of course; ST XI is not a subtle film. (Aside from a couple complaints, I love it, though; a film doesn't have to be subtle to be good. Just to be clear!) There's the main theme of vengeance and the havoc it can wreak, the theme of births and new beginnings, and then the twin lines of coming of age for Spock and Kirk. Simple, yet effective.

(I think there's also an argument to be made for the revenge theme being reflected in how Kirk's and Spock's rebellions are a sort of revenge on their mother (for Kirk) and father (for Spock) in the coming of age themes, but I won't expand on it this time.)

But why won't Abrams make a Khan film? Because he's essentially already done so. )

So yeah, just a few thoughts, not very detailed. But it's something I've been considering for a while.
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Missed Alla Helgons dag/Allhelgona (All Saints Eve) because of work, but it was fun work! Doctor Who event at the bookshop, and so many people came that there really wasn't room for them, heh. May go to the cemetery tomorrow instead (was too beat today). Enjoyed some pics of the lights (though I suspect they're not from this year) for the moment.

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Sweden, despite commercial powers trying really hard to make it a thing. But even if it's not a big thing for kids, there are lots of "Halloween parties" being held. On All Saints Eve... (Which was November 3rd.) I suspect it will all be merged in some way (even more than it already is) in the future. All Saints Eve isn't exactly an old tradition either, I've heard. We just go a bit crazy with the light worship at this time of year. We don't actually worship any saints (we're not even Christian, most of us), we just latch on to any opportunity to light candles (and drink alcohol, of course).

Read more... )


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