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Actually, I've just bought a new motherboard and processor and for the first time assembled them myself, and it was a little nerve-racking, to be honest! But I seem to have done it correctly, everything works fine now. I just have to go through the work of installing everything I need, and to sort my files which are in a disarray after having been moved around so much because of the hard drives dying on me this past year.

I've been passively reading about Hannibal meanwhile, interviews and some fannish meta, and want to do some myself, but my mind is as much in a disarray as my files at the moment, heh.

As I was interested in Bryan Fuller's other work, I started watching Pushing Daisies, and while I really like the style and the fact that it's really well put together, I'm not really interested in the Piemaker/Chuck romance. Maybe because they are a little too perfect? The aesthetics are interesting, though; people have compared it to Burton, and yeah, it's got that fairy-taleish unreal style with a bit of the morbid to it. I like it! It's Burton-ish in a mirror, sort of.

Also, it's funny to see some of the same actors in Hannibal. Dr. Chilton and that lady at the opera have turned up in very different roles, and I hear Fuller wants to cast Lee Pace as Mason Verger. It's hard to imagine!

Really liking the humour, too, and I think it shows in the writing for Hannibal that it's the same creator. Morbid and matter of fact. It's also interesting to see how in Pushing Daisies there's that same ambiguity of the characters, that blurry line between "good" and "bad", even though it's partly masked by the comedy aspect.


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