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I've been thinking about the themes of Star Trek XI, and why it means the sequel won't be (or shouldn't be, at least) about Khan.

The themes are easy to see, of course; ST XI is not a subtle film. (Aside from a couple complaints, I love it, though; a film doesn't have to be subtle to be good. Just to be clear!) There's the main theme of vengeance and the havoc it can wreak, the theme of births and new beginnings, and then the twin lines of coming of age for Spock and Kirk. Simple, yet effective.

(I think there's also an argument to be made for the revenge theme being reflected in how Kirk's and Spock's rebellions are a sort of revenge on their mother (for Kirk) and father (for Spock) in the coming of age themes, but I won't expand on it this time.)

But why won't Abrams make a Khan film? Because he's essentially already done so. )

So yeah, just a few thoughts, not very detailed. But it's something I've been considering for a while.
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Saw the new pics from the Star Trek video game that comes out at the beginning of the next year, and it looks awesome.


GORN GORN GORN so yeah, more pics )

So yeah, no idea how canon it will be, but if it's good (as most of the comics were not) I have no objections. I'm always leery of license games, but this is handled by Digital Extremes (who made Bioshock), so I'm a little hopeful.


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