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Is it just me, or is Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit really sad stories? Just finished the last in the LotR film trilogy, and the end had me in tears, and I'm not even sure why. Or, well, it's the partings, I think.

I also watched the Hobbit Battle of Five Armies trailer, and wow, I'm going to cry throughout, aren't I? Also, that was a low blow, with the Mist and Shadows song (which always makes me cry in Towers, too).

I should read the books again, though; so much is cut from the films. I think characterisation is kind of shallow in the books, but so much of the history is missing from the films that some things are really hard to understand.

Don't approve of the Gimli characterisation, though, way too comic relief.

But as I said before, I love the Hobbit films (though the final judgement is on hold until I've seen the last one) more than the LotR trilogy, despite their failings. Of course, I love an elaborate action sequence, so many of the additions weren't failings to me. But I can't understand why they shortened the Bilbo/Smaug convo, that is one of my favourite parts! Perhaps the extended edition will have a longer scene?


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