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Dramatic, but not too much so for a dragon, I suppose! I watched The Desolation of Smaug for the first time last week and it was brilliant. Of course, I'm not a book purist and have honestly forgotten most of it (haven't read it in twenty years at least!) despite having read it more than once.

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They're beautiful, these films. And I'm so easily moved by epic adventure and the old school romance of the heroic quest that I'm really not reliably biased when faced with it in such a glorious package.

Also, I have joined the hordes of the Thorin/Bilbo shippers. What can I say, I'm a simple woman with simple pleasures. And they're pretty shippy, considering! I suppose I'll have a good cry at the ending, though, that's going to be depressing.

While I was at it, reading the fic, thinking about the world, I decided to watch the Ring trilogy as well, an that made me consider many things about these books and fantasy in general. Because when you get down to it, Tolkien is pretty awful at the worldbuilding stuff, isn't he?

At least I think so. )

In any case I love the Hobbit films, and I don't mind the changes. In fact, I like most of them, and wouldn't mind finding out Jackson has taken even more liberties in the last one! Sacrilege, I know, but since I don't really revere Tolkien's writing to begin with...


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