Mar. 3rd, 2014

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So I heard that True Detective had numerous and important references to Chambers's The King in Yellow, so naturally I had to watch it. The Lovecraftian connection, no matter how tenuous, is apparently my main weakness when it comes to new canons catching my interest.

But I definitely don't regret it! It's amazing in so many ways, from the American Gothic ambience and the flawed and complicated main characters to the compelling mystery and the way it's told. Unfortunately it's also terrible with the main female characters (though I think it it does a good job with the bit characters, especially the prostitutes) and sex in general. Not enough to stop me from watching, but it's definitely a disappointing flaw in an otherwise great show.

And then there's the HBO sex which is just silly, but I'll get to that later.

And I thought I hated Mattew McConaughey )

Unnatural sex )

The women )

Awesome male characters )

But yeah, despite the flaws I love the show. The good parts are simply good enough that I bear with the unbalanced portrayal of women. And it might get better! Aside from Maggie and Marty's lover (I've been watching without subs and didn't catch her name) the women have been portrayed really well, it's just that the lack of them in other roles than victims of some sort is creating an impression that I don't like. The plot itself, and the slow but well-paced unfolding of its mysteries is brilliant. I'm completely glued to the screen when I watch, I can't even look away.


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